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Special Formats

Each picture tells a story and invites you to enter a world of inspiration and well-being. We understand the importance of an appealing ambience for your premises and offer you customised solutions.


Special formats such as extreme landscape formats (e.g. 120x60 cm), square or similar.

Coney Island, NYC 

2:1 format, e.g. 120x60 cm

Alp lake, Fuessen

2:1 format, e.g. 100x50 cm

One World Trade Tower, NYC

16:9 format, e.g. 107x60 cm


Night at the 'Bund', Shanghai

16:9 format, e.g. 89x50 cm


Te-Oneroa-a-Tōhē / Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand

8:3 format, e.g. 135x50 cm

Te-Oneroa-a-Tōhē / Ninety Mile Beach, Neuseeland

Format 8:3, z.B. 135x50 cm

Shanghai morning mood

2:1 format, e.g. 60x120 cm

Partnach Gorge

2:1 format, e.g. 60x120 cm

Majesty I, Canada, BC

2:1 format, e.g. 60x120 cm

Majesty II, Canada, BC

2:1 format, e.g. 60x120 cm

New habitat, Canada, BC

2:1 format, e.g. 60x120 cm


Square format, e.g. 75x75cm

Blue inside

Square format, e.g. 80x80cm


Square format, e.g. 100x100cm


Hairy Magnolia

Square format, e.g. 120x120cm

Price key for our photographic artwork

1 square decimetre = 10 euros plus tax and shipping

Surcharge for very small editions: x1.5

Surcharge for unique items: x3

If you have any questions about the price key, please contact us.

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