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a-pic-a-day challenge

My Sore Sandals Imaging Alliance has been taking on the challenge of taking and sharing a photo every day since 1 January 2024.

Find more info in the game rules below.

a pic a day

Game Rules

Game Rules

The most important and almost the only rule of the game is: take a photo every day.
One photo, just one, must be given a name and shared every day.
Whether taken with a mobile phone or a camera is up to you, the subject and motif are open.*

However: no image editing, no cropping, no fakes.
At the end of the month, one picture per participant will be published here. 
The winners are those who participate and take and share a photo every day, thus keeping their eyes open and training their photographic eye even in the rather grey everyday life.

The game is less 'easy' than it sounds at first - the challenges arise all by themselves: on the way to work and back or to the supermarket; in wind and weather and on days with no light or with a cold or bad mood: it takes a photo, every day.

Another challenge (after the experiences of the first months) can also be to decide on a "pic of the day" every day.

* Selfies and baby spam are allowed by the rules of the game, but are not overly appreciated.

Pics of the month: January

Pics of the month

Experiences already made



The first month of the challenge. On the whole, we pulled through and found it increasingly fun. There were 2 fails and one cheat, but all beginnings are difficult and sticking with it is everything.


After 4 months of the challenge, finding a daily motif has pretty much become second nature to us. To an extend that we are increasingly diversifying our search for motifs in order to avoid boredom - for us and for the viewer.


The second month of the challenge has already worked much better, no fails and no cheats. We are starting to really enjoy it and are realising how our eyes are opening up in search of possible pics.


We have now completed the challenge for a quarter of a year. Again there have been no fails and no cheats. We realised that since ages we hadn't noticed this clearly spring was on its way. 

Fundus - all pictures taken

Januar 2024
February 2024