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Crete Blog

If you fancy some vibes from Greece please feel invited to our daily blog from our journey through Crete. The focus is on the following projects: Translating smells, flavours, and light into images; capturing portraits of people, animals, and trees.

Καλώς ήρθατε!

Crete Blog - Day 1

First day on Crete. Last night we enjoyed a great taverna under a fig tree in Iraklio. Today we took a smelly crawling bus to Rethymno, to a wonderful hotel in a Venetian building dating back to 1450. And then a tour through the little streets, to the harbor, through the crowds of tourists, who suddenly miraculously disappeared again. And in the evening, the obligatory choriatiki with tzatziki and kotopoulosouvlaki. Arrived!

Crete Blog - Day 2

A day in Rethymno. A few frappees for breakfast in the morning and one of the rare cloudbursts, so the day was pleasantly cool. We lounged around and marvelled. Bought a Cretan knife, which are traditionally given as gifts at weddings etc., directly from the blacksmith. Chatted with a group of old Greek gentlemen who were enjoying the day in a kafenion, watching tourists. Discovered a trick in the evening - the restaurant pick-up men here don´t bother you if you carry a box in front of you that looks like a doggy bag.

Crete Blog - Day 3

After the stinky bus experience, we switched to a car. On the way to Chania, a rugged mountain landscape  merging into and unbelievably turquoise sea. And sheep frolicking in orange groves. In Chania, searching for a parking space in desert heat, checking the supermarket and getting a quick first impression of the old town and harbour. And then finally eating - the finest Cretan home cooking, and to finish off something, which could have been anything between figs and bull's balls and, although delicious, initially remained completely indefinable. As it turned out, they were unripe, long-soaked walnuts...

Crete Blog - Day 4

‘Burglar hunt’ with a Cretan dagger and in underwear in the middle of the night - old buildings make noises. In the morning lost a battle with the washing machine, but even soaking wet clothes dry quickly in the Greek climate. The stove also resisted the plan to fry eggs, but in the end it lost. Then to the tourist information, which was clearly superfluous. After many failures due to the pitfalls of everyday Greek life, spent a quiet day in the old town and at the harbour. In the evening, deliberately exposed us to a tourist rip-off restaurant for the sake of a beautiful view of the harbour - including a continuous loop of Greek cheesy music.