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a pic a day

A challenge that My Sore Sandals Imaging Alliance has been taking on since 1 January 2024: take a photo every day and share it with each other. No theme, no device specified, but 1 photo every day.


Artist Residency Varanasi

Andrea's month as 'a local' in Varanasi, in the Kriti Gallery & Residencies

To the Varanasi-Blog >

Varanasi mockup.jpeg

Points of Consciousness

Like acupuncture needles in the world's skin - one of Andrea's current art projects


Exhibition project
Street art meets kolams

My Sore Sandals Imaging Alliance shows a comparison of photos of street art collected internationally over the years in the Western world and Indian kolams.
What initially seems very different also has a lot in common


Crete Blog

My Sore Sandals Imaging Alliance heads to Greece for a 2-week photo tour. 


Daily new photos in the Crete blog >


Top up your equipment

Just switch to another league. Björn's new Sony Alpha 7r III with fascinating resolution.


Search for a dream

Björn's search is supposed to start in Morocco, but is now somewhat postponed in view of the escalating situation.

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