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A project of Andrea & Bjoern Breuer photo-artistic research GbR

My Sore Sandals 
Imaging Alliance


We are globetrotters, enthusiastic travellers, enthusiastic marvellers, enthusiastic photographers. We now offer you the opportunity to select and order exclusive photo calendars, large-format photo prints and special formats for immersing yourself in details as well as series in various formats from our image collection, which has been created over decades.

Experience our photographic art - honest and genuine. We favour a minimum of editing for maximum authenticity.

We invite you to visit our Resources section to select images in addition to the products we offer.

We also offer you our photo-artistic research for your individual visions and support you professionally with the graphical realisation of your projects. Find out more here.

As a sibling company from a family whose passion for travelling goes back generations, we proudly present our photographic art, captured on our adventures around the globe. Be inspired by our unique photographs and bring the beauty of faraway places into your rooms.

For art-loving individuals, doctors' clinics, law firms, office spaces, hotels, etc. who appreciate the spirit of travelling and the magic of photography.


Andrea Breuer

Björn Breuer



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