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Photo-artistic research

We have joined forces to work on the basis of a dialogical view. This is because we have repeatedly experienced that the complexity of the world can be better grasped in dialogue - the pros and cons, the both and, the drawing each other's attention to details and so on. And what is true for the word is of course also true for the image.


We take photos,

  • to record what is disappearing due to environmental destruction, species extinction, mass tourism, natural disasters, wars, etc.. Like an archive, or even a reminder....

  • to celebrate the manifestations of the creative energy, the intelligent life force

  • to attract the gaze and focus on the beauty, uniqueness, strangeness of the world beyond the cell phone display

  • to prevent forgetting and being overlooked....


What gets my attention and appreciation in this way, I would like to preserve, protect, defend with much more urgency than if I only learn from the media what is now already lost.

In this sense, we would like to share our photos - so that the energy does not sink into, admittedly more comfortable, resignation, but goes in the opposite direction: into a proactive, mindful, astonished being part of the world.

A photo of us in your home or workplace can help remind you of this again and again!

Artist Statement



Björn Breuer

Andrea Breuer

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