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Marvelling in Varanasi

A long-cherished dream comes true - an artist residency in Varanasi, in one of the oldest and holiest cities in the world. Living here for a month, making art, photographing and marvelling.

Photos will be posted here regularly, on the following topics, among others:

°Sacred Places - what does a place or object need to be perceived as sacred?

°Sadhus - is it possible to make visible in the photo the energy/aura that distinguishes a real sadhu from a "fake Baba"?

°Kolams/Rangolis in urban space, as a counterpart to western street art.

°Women in urban space

°Jobs/Work Spaces

°And what else I come across that is so astonishing...

There will be regular updates on the art project here:


Tag 28 – Last day, early in the morning a long farewell to Ganga...

Day 26 – A rainy day today. To the potter to get the object firing going, then to the cremation ghat Manikarnika. Very strange experience to witness fire in two such contrasting contexts - in the creative process and for final extinction...

Day 25 – Feelings of farewell set in, one last time here or there. Finishing the art project, organising things etc. I could easily stay longer... I won't miss the traffic, though, with all the honking and chaos and exhaust fumes!

Day 24 – Today, again with Ajay, I walked a few stations of the Jyotir Linga Yatra, the 12 temples of the pillars of light around Kashi. Very old, very lively, very powerful and highly energised. The Kedarnath temple in particular is extremely impressive. The photos speak for themselves...